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    FSRM Kurs: "Polymer Microfabrication"

    Kategorie: Aus-/Weiterbildung
    25.04.2017 - 26.04.2017
    9:00 - 17:00
    Ort: Karlsruhe (KIT)

    Sprache: Englisch

    Besides silicon and the established MEMS/MOEMS technology polymer materials and the related microreplication technologies are becoming more and more important for the realization and commercial success of new microcomponents and microsystems. New nanostructuring methods like 2-photon-stereolithography and others are at the threshold of leaving the laboratory status and entering market.

    The course will cover the large variety of polymer materials, their fundamental chemical and physical properties and the derived microstructuring and replication possibilities. Direct and indirect micro- and nanostructuring methods like deep X-ray lithography, stereolithography, laser machining, nanoimprinting and others as well as the large family of replication methods like hot embossing and injection molding will be described in detail. Master and tooling fabrication methods like electroplating, electro discharge machining as well as mechanical and laser micromachining will be presented and discussed intensely.

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