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    EPoSS Workshop on "Smart Systems for the Automated Hospital"

    Kategorie: Workshops
    9:00h - 16:00h
    Ort: Berlin

    Digital technologies offer interesting opportunities to improve the healthcare system and to contribute to a more personalised medicine. However, eHealth does not only mean digitising healthcare through a software approach but also comprises hardware-centric or hybrid hardware-software visions. Additionally, if healthcare is in the future seamlessly integrated in people’s life, specific medical interventions will still require dedicated, high-end and costly medical equipment and a framework that only hospitals will be able to provide. The hospital environment has therefore to adapt. Automation appears as one smart approach to support the digitisation of hospitals.

    To be able to fully assess all these aspects of the “Automated Hospital”, the workshop is open to the EPoSS community as well as external stakeholders. The active involvement of other European Technology Platforms shall further guarantee the cross-platform and pan-European alignment of discussions. Regarding the programme, different interactive formats shall ensure highly effective discussions.

    The draft agenda of the workshop is available here.

    One of the main goals of the workshop is to validate EPoSS Position Paper on "Smart Systems for the Automated Hospital" which is currently in its draft version and which provide a point of reference for shaping the European Framework Programme 9.

    To register for the workshop, please go to the registration page.


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