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    Symposium on 3D Printing for Life Sciences 2019

    Kategorie: Konferenzen
    Ort: Muttenz (Schweiz)

    In 2018 the second “Symposium on 3D Printing for Life Sciences 2018“ Symposium took place at the University Hospital in Basel (Program, Impressions 2018). Around 150 participants attended this meeting, encouraging us to continue this success story.

    To foster the networks between life sciences industry, research organizations and clinics we are currently setting up the 3rd edition of the Symposium, which will take place on July, 2nd 2019 at the Campus Muttenz of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

    Within this symposium, we will provide new insights into current state of art in printing biological material, medical devices, application in clinics, and printing in other life sciences domains. These area will be covered within four sessions, with plenty of room for networking in between.
    For program and registration click here.
    The University Hospital Basel and the School of Life Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, in cooperation with BaselArea.swiss would be pleased to welcome you at the 3D Printing for Life Sciences in Muttenz in 2019!


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