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      Neue Kompetenzen, Vernetzung und Sichtbarkeit durch Forschungs-, Entwicklungs- und Innovationsprojekte.

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    Als räumliche Konzentration von Menschen, Ressourcen, Ideen und Infrastruktur stellt sich microTEC Südwest als hoch komplexer Cluster mit dynamischen Interaktionen im Bereich der Mikrosystemtechnik dar. Zu beachten ist ferner, dass bei einer zu starken Ausrichtung eines Clusters auf lokale Beziehungen und Institutionen wichtige nationale oder internationale Bezüge vernachlässigt werden. Um dieser negativen Entwicklung entgegenzuwirken, beteiligt sich microTEC Südwest aktiv an EU-Projekten, um den Anschluss an das Europäische Ökosystem auszubauen.

    EU-EXPRESS (01/2014 - 06/2016)

    Auf der Knowledge Gateway Homepage von EXPRESS finden Sie die Ergebnisse des Projektes kompakt im Ecosystem Knowledge Gateway einschließlich der Augmented Strategic Research Agenda, einem EU Capability Radar sowie Smart Systems Showcases.


    The mission of EXPRESS is to accelerate the adoption of Smart Systems Integration (SSI) in Europe, and as a result to gain global leadership and societal benefits in this fast-developing field.


    Europe will become a fertile region for the sustained innovation and development of Smart Systems.
    This will be achieved through technological, political and economic engagement to encourage and enable industry, research, investors, educators and user communities to work together to understand and reap the opportunities and benefits of Smart Systems Integration (SSI).
    Together, these groups will recognise the urgency to act in concert on SSI development and innovation to enable Europe to achieve global leadership in a fast-changing world, and to achieve high economic growth and competitiveness in both products and services.


    Eu ExpressEu Express

    The aim of EXPRESS is to support the development of an Ecosystem for Smart Systems Integration in Europe. In this context, ecosystem is defined as a sustaining environment to promote economic growth, skills growth, and growth in industrial capability and global competitiveness, fuelled by the extension of knowledge, the ambitions of innovators and the business and societal needs of the community at large. The ultimate aim is to accelerate the adoption and thereby bring forward the rewards of Smart Systems Integration.
    Partial ecosystems exist in the form of national and regional groupings of business and public research actors, special interest groups, knowledge transfer networks, research collaborations, and the tiered supply chains of major industrial players. These groupings, although many of their members have relevant resources, are not yet marshalled to push EU capabilities in what is becoming a dominant and global industrial arena in the run-up to 2020.
    EXPRESS will

    • identify the existing strands of capability in groupings and value chain players from research to the marketplace,
    • examine the gaps to be bridged and
    • create strategies and tools to complete the eco-cycles of skills>research>investment>innovation>exploitation>re-investment that are vital if the economic opportunities and societal

    benefits of Smart Systems Integration are to be realised.
    EXPRESS will also ally itself to other programmes and apply the experience of the extensive EPoSS membership, which has been translated into actions such as the Joint International Master in Smart Systems Integration funded under the Erasmus Mundus M.Sc. programme. This experience and capability will be deployed in tandem with the outputs of the CSA IRISS, which include a description of the activities and scope of players along the value chain; a Strategic Research Agenda; evidence of global capabilities; and an understanding of the valuable contributions to be made by SMEs.
    The consortium of EXPRESS consists of 8 organisations from 6 European countries, representing major Smart Systems clusters from regions across Europe, the membership base of which together amounts to some 10,000 organisations, mostly companies, and more than 60 % of which SMEs.
    Additional expertise, commitment to the mission of the project and channels to Smart Systems players are brought in by 15 associated partners from 10 countries, representing also Smart Systems communities outside Europe, including those from the US, Australia and Taiwan. Furthermore, the EPoSS Executive Committee is involved as the advisory board of the project. The group is made up of some 20 leading SSI companies 10 countries in Europe and major public and private research institutes from 7 European countries.

    EU-Knights (06/2013 - 11/2014)


    The EU Knights project aims to enable strategic integration of Key Enabling Technologies, by promoting best practices, highlighting barriers and identifying appropriate business models/strategies to stimulate innovation with the goal of maintaining a globally competitive and sustainable European manufacturing industry.

    EU Knights adpative modelEU-Knights adaptive Model for KETs integration in European Industry Objectives


    The EU Knights vision will be supported by the following project objectives:

    • To identify and analyse the existing best, recommendable practices and the main barriers to KETs integration
    • To map from a manufacturing sector point of view the success and failure factors for KETs integration related to different business and innovation strategies
    • To understand how the current KETs are integrated and adopted by the European industry and society
    • To elaborate a new model based on developed EU KNIGHTS’ knowledge and tools for European industrial production, based on more sustainable production and consumption patterns that will be validated and refined on a few selected industrial case studies
    • To produce orientations and key recommendations for an effective, sustainable and competitive KETs integration scheme fostering the EU manufacturing industry while answering to societal goals

    EU KNIGHTS strategy is fully in line with the "EU 2020 Strategy" aiming to maintain strong and competitive European Union delivering high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion which are negatively impacted by the current economic crisis. This isillustratedbytheproject’sgoalto:

    • Respond to societal Grand Challenges – seen as new High Adding Value innovative markets, covering from economy to society and environment – through, innovative products, processes and business models, supported by KETs and related Industrial technologies.
    • Promote a constant innovation in the EU manufacturing sector to keep a pace ahead of industrially aggressive emerging countries while maintaining high incentives and sustainability for EU companies to develop and create wealth and jobs localized in Europe.

    microTEC Südwest was an associated partner in this project.

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